The 2011 Trip
Part 2 The Departure. In November loaded and headed out 
Part 3 Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Maryland
Part 4 R Vacation RV Park, Selma, North Carolina
Part 5 The Dilly Dally Duo
Part 6 Townsend, Georgia
Part 7  Florida
Part 8  Epcot Centre
Part 9 Tallahassee, Florida
Part 10  Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Part 11  Bernice, Louisiana
Part 12 Bernice and Ruston, Louisiana
Part 13 Bernice
Part 14 Wills Point, Texas
Part 15 Heat and E-mail at last
Part 16 Abilene and Odessa
Part 17 Odessa, El Paso and Las Cruces
Part 18 Las Cruces, New Mexico, San Carlos, Arizona
Part 19 San Carlos and Gold Canyon, Arizona
Part 20 Canyon Vistas RV Resort, Gold Canyon, Arizona
Part 21 trying to settle in for the winter
Part 22 Weights and Mileage and our Computer Connection
Part 23 Windy morning and the day ended in pouring rain
Part 24 A few photographs
Part 25 The day before Christmas
Part 26 Christmas Day
Part 27 Boxing Day
Part 28 Another day in and about the park with some photos
Part 29 Tortilla Flat, Arizona
Part 30  A rainy day
Part 31  Cool weather – the airports – and laundry
Part 32 The last day of 2010
Part 33 Happy New Year
Part 34 January 2nd
Part 35 January 3rd
Part 36 Radio interference
Part 37 Golf Carts

Part 38 Costco, Gilbert, Arizona

Part 39 New tires
Part 40 Clean truck
Part 41 A routine Sunday
Part 42 New Catches
Part 43 A lazy Tuesday
Part 44 More photographs
Part 45 Buying diesel for the truck

Part 46 Jeeps

Part 47 Insects
Part 48 Red sky at night – Sailor's delight
Part 49 Just another Monday
Part 50 Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona
Part 51 Blackbird – Lear Jet and Joan's chair
Part 52 We enjoyed another sunny day
Part 53 Hot Water Heater
Part 54 Fruit – Hot water heaters – and more Grasshoppers
Part 55 C-FKEV Maybe
Part 56 Monday – VCS QSL
Part 57 Another day
Part 58 Some more photographs around the RV Park
Part 59 Another routine day – listening to a radio contest
Part 60 Photographs of Coyote Country – Swimming Pool
Part 61 Another good day – The swimming pool
Part 62 No sunset rain forecasted
Part 63 12 Countries checked this site in January - Wamback
Part 64 More statistics – The tow truck
Part 65 Calgary was warmer
Part 66 Stupid we R! - An early spring
Part 67 Unusually cold
Part 68 Happy Birthday Captain Charlie – Silly Mountain
Part 69 Final note on the tow in part 64 - FOC
Part 70 A routine Monday at the RV Park
Part 71 Windy but where is it!
Part 72 Received four Christmas cards with our mail
Part 73 Arizona dairy farms
Part 74 Little done but sit in the sun.
Part 75 Para-sailing

Part 76 Sunday's sunset with photographs

Part 77 A ho hum Monday doing as little as possible
Part 78 Dynamax – Tinnitus
Part 79 A practice run for Dickie – No Land Rover seen yet
Part 80 Superstition Mountain – Another day doing nothing
Part 81 A do nothing day and we did it well
Part 82 A dreary Saturday
Part 83 A dreary Sunday to go with our dreary Saturday
Part 84 A day at the medical clinic
Part 85 Another Tuesday but a nice one
Part 86 A brief official description of this area
Part 87 The male pickup
Part 88 The Fashion Show
Part 89 The Canadian Pot Luck Supper
Part 90 Snow on Superstition Mountain
Part 91 Monday morning meeting then to Mesa
Part 92 Thank You Robert
Part 93 The Fashion Show again with photographic proof
Part 94 The ribs
Part 95 Happy 50th Bill & Fran – Prairie Schooner
Part 96 Photos Apache Junction – Quilt finished – Para Sails
Part 97 Hot Air Balloon – Happy Birthday Josie and Kevin
Part 98 Windy
Part 99 The Quilts
Part 100 A beautiful Wednesday to simply sit in the sun
Part 101 A Robert and Doug day
Part 102 Thomas the little train engine – HMCS NENE
Part 103 Josie's Aprons – The block pot luck
Part 104 A nice day in the pool and hot tub
Part 105 Hi Ho, Hi Ho a sailing we did go
Part 106 Simply an enjoyable Tuesday
Part 107 A nice hot Wednesday
Part 108 Happy Birthday Joan
Part 109 The Flea Market
Part 110 A good Saturday
Part 111 The hatches are battened down and double dogged
Part 112 A windy, rainy day – The number of RV Parks this area
Part 113 Tuesday, March 22nd – The Salt River Lakes
Part 114 Clean mats and a good movie
Part 115 Superstition Mountain Museum
Part 116 The Flea Market with photographs – Our last campfire
Part 117 Falcon Field Museum – African Safari Farewell Dinner - 2nd Quilt
Part 118 The last church service
Part 119 Bob, Karen & Liam outbound – The last supper
Part 120 Seal – The swimming pool closed
Part 121 Clean Awnings – Quilt Two
Part 122 Bob and Sandy leave - Dick, Donna, Oscar, Nancy are here
Part 123 Haircut – Spuds on a barge – Ggrandfather Birthday
Part 124 Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club – Swimming Pool
Part 125 Ron & Jan leave for home – Happy Birthday Hank
Part 126 The Grand Canyon – Sedna – Land Rover
Part 127 Superstition Museum
Part 128 LON's Restaurant – Desert Botanical Garden
Part 129 Dick & Donna flew to Calgary – Nancy & Oscar flew to Halifax – 2'22”
Part 130 They all made it home okay – Quite windy most of day
Part 131 Heavy Rain – Snow again on Superstition Mountain
Part 132 The wind was cool – Sweet Pickle
Part 133 One rotten head cold – No Monday morning meeting
Part 134 One heck of a sore throat
Part 135 I may live - there is hope
Part 136 The sunset was better than some
Part 137 No Snail Mail – California Motorhome – Feels Like
Part 138 Back to WiFi Monday – Doves – Vacancy - Para-sails
Part 139 Laundry – Everything clean and ready for the road.
Part 140 Our Last Day at Canyon Vistas, Gold Canyon
Part 141 Gold Canyon to Yuma, Arizona 
Part 142 Yuma, Arizona – Prison – Califronia and sand dunes – Mexico Border
Part 143 Yuma to Parker, Arizona
Part 144 Parker, Arizona to Newberry Springs, California – London Bridge – Lena did it for less
Part 145 Newberry Springs, California – Calico, California – Las Vegas, Nevada
Part 146 Las Vegas, Nevada to Provo, Utah – The most difficult day so far.
Part 147 Lakeside Campground, Provo, Utah
Part 148 Provo, Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho
Part 149 Idaho Falls, Idaho to Great Falls, Montana
Part 150 Great Falls, Montana to Lethbridge, Alberta
Part 151 Lethbridge, Alberta to High River, Alberta – Mileage!
Part 152 High River, Alberta
Part 153 A High River Sunday – BCATP – Squirrels – Ranch
Part 154 Birthday – High Wood River – Truck serviced
Part 155 The day was spent in Calgary with Dick and Donna
Part 156 Airdrie, Alberta
Part 157 High River – Tanks emptied
Part 158 Jeff & Jodi's
Part 159 New TV – Calgary – Wing Night at Shotz
Part 160 Mother's Day – Okotoks
Part 161 Municipal District of Foothills, Alberta
Part 162 High River to Edson, Alberta – 550 kilometres
Part 163 Edson, Alberta to Drayton Valley, Alberta
Part 164 Willey West, Drayton Valley to George Lane, High River
Part 165 High River – Jeff & Jodi's
Part 166 High River – VE6PD – VE6FS – Nanton Museum – River Roadside Bar and Grill
Part 167 High River – Cayley, Alberta
Part 168 High River – Airdrie, Alberta
Part 169 High River to Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Part 170 Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Part 171 Medicine Hat, Alberta to Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Part 172 Swift Current to Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Part 173 Indian Head, Saskatchewan to Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Part 174 Portage La Prairie, Manitoba to Dryden, Ontario
Part 175 Dryden to Thunder Bay, Ontario
Part 176 Thunder Bay to Wawa, Ontario
Part 177 Wawa to Sudbury, Ontario
Part 178 Sudbury to Kendal, Ontario
Part 179 Kendal, Ontario
Part 180 Kendal, Ontario

Part 181 Kendal, Ontario

Part 182 Kendal to Cardinal, Ontario
Part 183 Cardinal, Ontario to Edmundston, New Brunswick
Part 184 Edmundston, New Brunswick to Glenholme, Nova Scotia
Part 185 Glenholme to Sambro, Nova Scotia – Total distances
Part 186 Sambro, Nova Scotia
Part 187 Sambro, Nova Scotia

Part 188 – Sambro, Nova Scotia

Part 189 Back to T5 – Sambro to North Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
Part 190 Summary of our 2011 trip
Postscript by Robert G4PYR
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