The 2011 Trip
Part 74 – Little done but sit in the sun.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The temperature this morning was 2C or 36F and another cloudless day. The temperature had climbed to 8C or 46F by 10:15 AM.

Joan went for a walk around the park at 8:40 AM. She said it felt much warmer than the thermometers are recording.

We sat out enjoying the sun most of the morning. We had 14023 kilohertz on but heard nothing. We gave a call about 1910 UTC but did not make contact with anyone. The temperature was 16C or 61F at 1 PM.

It was quite hot sitting out in the sun this afternoon at 20C or 68F at 2 PM.

Karen was down with the flu but Bob and Liam were over for a visit.

At 5:30 PM it was 23C or 73F outside and 78F here in the trailer with all the hatches and door open. It was another nice day and the sunset was another routine sunset with a cloudless sky.

We managed to get all the paper work done with all the statements and there were no strange ones. Everything was ours. A good feeling.

The walk to the dumpster was a nice clear dark evening and the stars and aircraft were nice and bright.

The temperature was 16C or 61F when the movie ended and that ended our day.

Another good and enjoyable day was history.

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