The 2011 Trip
Part 145 – Newberry Springs, California – Calico, California – Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

One thing is for certain and that is if Newberry Springs, California, ever has a hurricane they will never know it. The hurricane will simply disappear into their routine wind and never be seen again. We were awake a lot during the night. The wind would increase and shake the trailer, shaking us awake. It kept it up all night and it was so windy in the morning one had all they could do to walk around in it.

We got up, got ready and departed at 10:10AM our time. We went the forty miles to the Calico Ghost Town arriving at 10:55AM. If there was ever a tourist trap that was it. But we wandered around and rather enjoyed it. The weather was warm with no wind. There were a lot of kids there and the Museum was having an Easter Egg hunt for them.

The main entrance
The Fire Hall on the main street
These three girls made the visit most pleasant
The Telegraph Office has been closed for a few years
The Blacksmith Shop with no Blacksmith.

We took 51 photographs before the battery went dead in the camera.
This is the church off to one side.
I'm sure there was a red light section but we did not see it.
There were 22 bars at one time according to some literature.


This is just north of Calico, California, on Interstate 15.
There is not much to look at and there were some real steep hills, both up and down.


This is Soda Lake, California.
This is a dry lake just south of Baker, California.

Entering South Las Vegas, Nevada

We departed Calico, California at 12:10PM and pulled into Primm, Nevada, at 2:18PM for diesel. That was a real performance getting into the Chevron pumps, finding the diesel pump, and out again without running over someone or getting run over by some lead foot in a hurry.

I purchased $50.00 worth of diesel and the pump stopped just as the tank was full. At least I managed to get that right. They had slot machines in where you buy your gas and there were a couple of old grandmothers in there having a ball with the slots. We left Primm at 2:25PM and the little engine light indicating service required was out. This was the third time that has done that this trip. It is hard to believe that light and get excited about such things.

We pulled into the Oasis RV Park, Las Vegas, Nevada, at 3:10PM. The most expensive park so far on the trip and without Wifi. They want more money for that and we have not found a Wifi worth anything, so refused to pay for it.

The mileage for today was 269 kilometres.

The Oasis RV Resort has 935 sites and all are drive throughs. That certainly saves on the nerves. Trying to back in with a crowd around is no fun.

This is the Oasis RV Park roadside sign.
This is the Oasis RV Park Main Office.



This is our red truck looking one way then the other at site 118.

We both were tired. Joan did not want to go into Las Vegas so we did not unhook the truck. She claims she sees so much of it on TV she does not want to bother. Any show in town would cost us $400.00 at least. There is no place to park the truck and best of all we could not think of a single thing we wanted to see in there. So we simply camped here for the night.

Another interesting day was history.

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