The 2011 Trip
Part 109 – The Flea Market

Friday, March 18th, 2011

This morning at 8AM the temperature was 68.8F and the scattered clouds were mostly high cirrus. In other words another nice hot sunny morning. We did not close any of the four trailer roof vents last night and it was just right for sleeping. Here is hoping we can tolerate the heat until near the end of April.

Joan and I spent the morning at the Flea Market in Mesa, Arizona. That place defies description. One would have to live there at least a month to see most of it. The camera would have done no good because all we would have is a photograph of thousands and thousands of people. If one cannot find everything from a dog collar to a doughnut in that place it does not exist. It was quite the experience.

On the way home we stopped at the Jack in the Box for lunch. We had the chicken burgers and they were two notches above fantastic. The place is a lot like McDonald’s, Harvey's, Wendy's and the rest of the junk food joints. They were a real treat. From there we went over to the grocery across the street here that is called Basha's and created a little inflation. We picked up a couple more movies for our evening viewing, since we cannot get any TV on our ancient TV.

We arrived home at 12:45PM with the temperature at 84.9F and the partly cloudy skies were mostly high cirrus. We tuned in 14023 kilohertz as soon as we came through the door. Another contest was on but we did not hear the station that was being called.

At 3:30PM the temperature was 87.7F and the scattered clouds were mostly high cirrus. The clouds definitely did not affect the amount of sunlight. It was a nice hot windy afternoon. We have not put the large awning back out. I have a tie down for it but cannot find it. I know it is here because I have seen it while on this trip. Oh well, Joan would only want the awning back in and that would mean I would have to frig with the tie down strap to get it back up.

At 5:20PM the temperature was 84.6F and the mostly cloudy skies were still high cirrus. It did not affect the amount of sun and it was a nice hot afternoon. When not sitting in the sun Joan and I cleaned out the forward storage compartment in the trailer. Believe it or not she did not get lost in it. She crawled right in and sorted things out as I put them back in. We found the awning tie down and she stored more winter clothes in the two travel bags in there. It was a great job done.

After the evening swim and hot tub Joan did laundry and I waited for her in the laundry room We did not get home until 9:10PM when the temperature was 70.1F under a clear sky so they claim. We could see about an 8/10th coverage of cirrus but could see the moon stars and aircraft okay.

There was no evening movie and this pretty well ended another good day.

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