The 2011 Trip
Part 154 – Birthday – Highwood River – Truck serviced

May 2nd, 2011

We had a fantastic dinner and evening last evening. Jeff had to study for this course he is on and could spend little time with us but we had a great chicken dinner together.


Jodi made me a very nice birthday cake. We made sufficient smoke with the candles she had put on the cake. We would be a month trying to find the house for smoke had all 72 candles been on the cake.
That photograph of Jeff and Jodi's home was not explained well in yesterday's report. I should have spent more time on the description but wanted to get it off to Robert while I had the chance.
Joan had some magnification on the camera lens when she took this photograph. The white thing just below the house is their Starcraft tent trailer. The wooden fence next to it is to keep the deer out of their vegetable garden. There are a lot of deer in the area and several standing in their yard is not unusual. Deer love a vegetable garden and can make quick work of one.

The Highwood River runs between the vegetable garden and the bottom of the hill. It is the river the town of High River is named for. The river cannot be seen in the photograph. There are quite a few horses that live in the pastures around there all year long. There were at least a half dozen running around last evening while we were there.


This is the Highwood River taken from in front of Jeff's home. One looking more or less east and the other west. One can see it has a dam in places to water the livestock. A horse is having a drink in the bottom photograph.

It was a bit warmer coming home last evening. The truck read 55F rather than the 31F to 33F readings we had the night before. When we arrived home we watched another of Jeff's movies and ended the day with the movie.

We were up at 7:30AM to another nice sunny morning. We went to the Post Office and picked up Natasha's parcel as we delivered the truck. We delivered the truck to the local Chevy dealer for servicing and they drove us back to the park. We then walked back to the Post Office and the bank. We had to get a credit card sorted out and of course it was the one our monthly storage bill goes to. We then walked back to the campground office and paid things up until next Tuesday May 10th.

Today was Monday and federal election day. They were filming an episode of the TV program Heartland in the town. This all meant it was busy in town. There were lineups at every place we went.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day. We simply laid around and read this afternoon. It was getting overcast and the sun was not shining as brightly as it had by 3PM. At 3:15PM my eight year old granddaughter phoned and played happy birthday to me over the phone. It is absolutely impossible to get a better birthday gift. She has been taking piano lessons since she was three and did a very good job today. She has accomplished a lot and has come a long way.

High Country Chevrolet picked me up at 4PM and took me over to get the truck. They did a beautiful job. $81.83 for an oil change and complete check plus a wash. Joan and I then dug out some winter clothes we had stored in the forward baggage compartment. No more short sleeve shirts for awhile. The temperature while driving the truck home was 64F so it was not that bad.

I must have missed the Aurora Net on 7055 kilohertz. I managed to check in to it yesterday. VE7GBO was net control in British Columbia. I heard nothing this evening and no one answered my call. The Alberta Net on 3740 kilohertz at 7:30PM local must be a thing of the past. Nothing heard and no answer to my call. I find radio conditions here in Western Canada very poor compared to Eastern Canada. The salt water must have something to do with it. At least conditions out here are never as good as they are back home.

We watched another of Jeff's movies and ended the day when the movie ended.

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