The 2011 Trip
Part 165 – High River – Jeff & Jodi's

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Joan had me out of bed at 6:55AM stating the furnace was not throwing heat. The fuse was good and when we plugged it back in the furnace came on blowing heat this time. It is hard to find a decent comment on that.

The sun came up through a thin layer of clouds. There is no heat in the sun at this hour. The sun was having a hard time casting a shadow.

Around 8AM Momma and Papa Canada Goose with six goslings came strutting around the park. Joan managed this photograph of them. The battery in the camera went dead on that photograph. We tried to get a better photograph to go with this but was unable. We went up on the river bank but did not find the geese. The river was probably flowing too fast for the geese.

This was the river when we went up to look for the geese and the truck and trailer from the exact same spot on the river bank.

We then went to Extra Foods grocery mainly to get water and their machine was unserviceable. We picked up a few things and then went to Tim's for coffee. The guy at the table next to us was originally from Northern Manitoba but joined the navy in 1953 and served in Korea. We had quite a chat. He wanted to know if we wanted to buy a horse to go with our trailer. He is now living in Claresholm so probably has horses. He looked like a rancher.

We arrived back at the trailer at 11:40AM for a sandwich to go with our coffee.

It was a sunny day but the sun had a hard time to make a shadow through the cloud cover. It was mainly high alto cumulus and cirrus. Other than the cloud cover it was a nice day. Apparently they had a real rotten winter here. One girl said the snow was very bad and reminded her of the snow they had when she was a kid.

We went out and picked up Jodi and her cat Jarvis and took them to the Vet in Nanton at 1PM. The thermometer in the truck read 64F.


Joan took these photographs of Jeff and Jodi's place on our way out.

I managed to answer my emails and transmit all the parts of this exercise up to date to Robert. I do not have the time I would like to answer the emails.

We came back to High River and dropped Jodi off at her hair dressers, then Joan, Jarvis and I went to Jeff and Jodi's. Jeff came home about 4PM and we sat around and talked. I came in to the trailer at 5:45PM and Jodi walked over and in the trailer about 6:05PM. Joan and Jeff arrived about 6:15PM and we went to Mr. Mike's Restaurant for a lovely steak supper. We arrived back at the trailer at 8:10PM. The campground was filling with those attending the baseball games at the ball field.

There was no sunset to speak of. It simply got dark.

We watched the last movie we had that we had borrowed from Jeff. Another great day ended with the movie.

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