The 2011 Trip
Part 6 Townsend, Georgia
This old dummy is getting better but far from good. The internet worked fine once I pushed the correct buttons.

We have been on the road a week today and still have no warm weather.

We are still at the Lake Harmony RV Park, Townsend, Georgia. We did not know there was a place like this left. It is like waking up in the High Arctic it is so quiet you have to snap your fingers or something to see if you can still hear anything. It is very peaceful and quiet.

The trailer is sitting good and level on a very firm dirt site. We decided to stay another day and clean up the interior of the trailer. We finally have weather that makes this possible. We simply more or less threw things in here before leaving Nova Scotia.

We are in site 44 of 47 sites and we just returned from the laundry at 1300. The owner is a former federal police officer and an interesting person to talk to. He built the office to represent a shrimp boat but real shrimp boat people are not happy with the design. They feel the bow should be higher. What do you think? We feel it is rather cute. He has a good model of a shrimp boat in the office and has numerous police badges around what is the imitation wheelhouse. A few are Canadian. He has his first dollar he made with the campground framed with a Canadian toonie and loonie so we Canadians feel right at home. There is at least one vehicle from Ontario in here. It is still quite cool with no one out and about so hard to find someone to talk to.

Robert tells me that radio feature I mentioned yesterday that displayed the artist and the tune is called RDS – Radio Display System. Robert said that in England that system will broadcast an emergency alert over top your CD or radio, whatever one is listening to. This is the first I had heard of such a thing. This means I probably should leave Nova Scotia more often and pay more attention to what I run into. I've seen the dial 511 signs in Nova Scotia one can dial from a cell phone but I have not done it. Apparently that will give one a road report. Down here they have large billboard style signs that state to dial an old AM band frequency like 1640 or 1610 for an emergency road report when the lights are flashing. Joan did that a couple of times coming down.

There must be a lot of Mexican activity along old 95. Coming down yesterday there were a lot of large billboards with the caricature of a Mexican in full native gear complete with sombrero advertising an assortment of things. Fireworks must be a big thing around here as well. Every other sign is advertising bigger and better fireworks including mortars. Hopefully they are not the same mortar used by the Army.

Joan the navigator is now trying to find a campsite in the Orlando area. We will swing in for a visit with Mickey and Minnie if we can.


We are definitely in the south you all. The trees have Spanish Moss hanging from them along with a multitude of squirrels with long bushy tails chasing each other.

Mitch is taking the kids, Josie and her two cousins, for Christmas trees in the old blue truck today. One does not want to dwell on that. It could ruin ones trip and we have been trying to make this trip for twenty years.


They have a bike repair shop here so there must be some activity in that department around the lake. One poor lad was coming in for a brake job and apparently did not make it so they are using him as advertising above the door.


Hey Bob, do you call this a Louisiana dinner? It climbed up on the middle trailer tire and spent the afternoon in the sun working on its tan. The sun moved but it remained put and we hope it moves before we do. It could ruin its whole day if not. We have a few insects squished on the front of the rig already so it really is getting warmer. But not warm enough for Joan to remove her parka and mitts.
We finished shifting things around in the trailer so best we get going tomorrow morning as soon as we find a campground to aim for. We will try a day or two at Orlando and then go to Zephyr Hills north of Tampa for a day or two. Apparently half of Nova Scotia camps in that area. Time will tell and we shall do our best to keep you informed and entertained.
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