The 2011 Trip
Part 159 – New TV – Calgary – Wing Night at Shotz

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

We were laying in bed at 7:15AM thinking we would hang in until at least 8AM when the phone rang. It was Jodi stating Jeff was on his way in with two coffees from Tim's for us. Jodi was out with her 4-H group picking up road litter.

Jeff arrived and we took off for Calgary with the dually. We had breakfast at Smittys and then went to Future Shop and bought a new TV for the trailer as planned. We now have a nice little flat screen TV for the trailer. I rode in back on the way home and listened to Josie's radio. There is a little radio in the back of the centre console in the dually for kids. It has two places to plug in two headsets. Josie's headset was in the pocket behind the right front seat. It is a great sounding little radio. No wonder Josie enjoys it so much.

We were back at the trailer by 11:30AM and Jeff had the new TV hooked up and running smoothly by 12 noon. Jeff had to go get Jodi and left at 12:05PM.


The trailers new TV. The little basket on the right is where we keep our keys. You cannot do anything around a trailer without keys and of course nearly each and every lock has a key of a different size.

We left the trailer shortly after 1PM and went to Dick's in Calgary. At 3:45PM Dick, Donna, Joan and I drove over to Shotz restaurant for wing night. There must have been nearly twenty of us there and most of them remembered Joan and I from previous trips out here.

We had a great evening. From there Dick, Rick and I went to Dick's in Rick's car. Donna took Joan and Pat in her car. We sat around and had a great visit. Rick and Pat are Sheila’s mom and dad. Sheila is an opera singer. When she sang in Halifax Joan was working so my Aunt Jessie went with me to hear her sing. Sheila now lives in Vancouver and is still singing and sang tonight in Vancouver. Joan and I had to leave Dick's early because they close and lock the gate here at the campground at 11PM and we needed to be inside when it was locked.

It was raining when we left Calgary at 44F. We had rain showers off and on all the way out and the temperature was 47F here at High River.

Our day ended when we walked into the trailer and another great day it was.

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