The 2011 Trip
Part 182 – Kendal to Cardinal, Ontario

Monday, May 30th, 2011

We we were up at 6:45AM and connected the HF antenna. We had some lightning and thunder late last evening. The sun tried hard to shine when we got up but seemed to loose interest. The sun regained its interest and we had a nice sunny day and a beautiful sunny evening.

We were unable to work anyone on 7055 kilohertz. If Dave, VE2EDB, or anyone else had been on we did not hear them.

We got around and took the HF antenna down, the trailer unblocked and so on. Glenn came over and put air in a few of the air bags that were down slightly. These were the air bags we use for suspension. We managed to get on the road at a relatively decent hour at 9:20AM.

Our first stop was for diesel just down the road from Glenn on highway 115 at Newcastle. We took on board 67.96 litres of diesel at $1.239 per litre for a total of $84.20. We topped up our propane bottle that was getting down bringing the bill up to $107.20. The bill does not indicate the quantity of propane. If interested simply subtract $84.20 from $107.20 and that will give one the cost at least.

We got back on the road and simply went a short distance to the 401 highway east. We drove up on that highway and spent the day with the mob that is always on that road. We pulled into the Petro-Canada Station at Brockville and after a half hour snooze we topped up the diesel tank again. We took on 57.451 litres at $1.239 per litre for a total of $71.18. Well look at that, the same price for diesel from two separate stations that far apart. That does not happen that often.

It was still a nice sunny day and we removed some clothing and dug out a short sleeve shirt for a change. The temperature went up to 80F on the trucks thermometer.

Navigator Joan had her sights set on the KOA campground north of Cardinal, Ontario, at 609 Pittson Road. We pulled into that campground at 2:10PM. We purchased a pull through site with electricity and water only for $46.33. We had to go out and dump the tanks at the dump station and then come back into the site.

The paved road out past the campground is Pittson Road of course. The island in the driveway into the campground above is the dump station. A neat dump station. They have a sewer hose permanently installed so one does not have to use their own.
The lady that owns and is manager of this campground is from Kent, England. We had quite a chat and she said her son worked at Peterborough, England at one time.
This is the office to the campground and is still under construction. The swimming pool is in front of the office and is not open yet.

The mileage from Kendal to north of Cardinal was 324 kilometres. In other words a nice little run for the day.

There are a lot of small camping units in this campground. Most are headed to Nova Scotia and most are from various places around southern Ontario.

The red truck is our truck and trailer on site F04. The little trailer in front of ours is headed for Nova Scotia and the little trailer behind us is also headed for Nova Scotia. Both are from Southern Ontario.


These are neat. What would one call them a manual go cart? They are a pedal cart for rent up behind the office. Pedalling one around the campground would be fun especially if one was a few years younger.

I took these photographs after supper. It was a beautiful evening and we spent it reading and catching up on the emails.

And another great day was history.

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