The 2011 Trip
Part 30 A rainy day

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Apache Junction is the city of Apache Junction. If the government here was of the same mentality as the government of Halifax, Nova Scotia, this would be Phoenix Regional Municipality. Gold Canyon is where we are and is the village next to Apache Junction. Apache Junction is almost Phoenix.

The historic Apache Trail was once a raiding route for Apaches. It runs from Apache Junction up through Tortilla Flat and on to where it ends at mile post 244. The trail is the one we took yesterday and is a well maintained paved road but very crooked. The road was constructed between 1903 and 1905 and was used to haul supplies and equipment from Mesa to Roosevelt Lake where Roosevelt Dam was being built. The two story building at the base of this dam is dwarfed by the dams 280-foot height. The dam was constructed by Italian stone masons and Apache labourers.

Our propane lasted well. We had to get a bottle this morning and that is the first since Ruston, Louisiana. They go by gallons here and not pounds. Seven gallons here is thirty pounds back home. The seven gallons was $22.85. We forget the price back home but it is over thirty dollars.

We saw a vehicle from Nova Scotia at Wal-Mart this morning so we are not alone. We have no idea where they came from or where they are parked. There are so many RV parks around here they could be anywhere, if they are in one.

When we came home at 1 PM it started to rain and was quite heavy all day. This was the first real rain we have had since the rain at 2 AM the other morning. The one the other morning lasted a short time. This rain has lasted all day and it was rather cool in the trailer. The windows were fogged up as well. The furnace came on quite often. Joan brought along the dehumidifier and it has been running off and on all day. The amount of water that removes from the air is amazing.

We simply laid around, read and listened to the rain hitting the roof of the trailer. And that was the day.

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