The 2011 Trip
Part 61 – Another good day – The swimming pool

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

There is always an aircraft in the air around here it seems. You often hear them going over while in the trailer. We noticed at night the large ones turn their landing lights on at the beginning of their approach. This must be for safety reasons, so the other aircraft can see them. We feel confident the lights do the crew no good so far back from the aerodrome. Most of them have several strobe lights flashing during the day as well.


We had a good morning and managed to make the door window shade. It came out very good indeed. Joan claims the right hook is crooked and it is my fault. It blocks the sun so what difference does it make.



We turned the radio on 15 minutes before sked time and at 9 minutes to we heard a station tune. Low and behold it was Joe, VE6PD, and he called me. We had a great chat. He apologized for having only one hand. We told him we were paid for copying a lot worse. Joe broke his arm and the cast does not come off for another two weeks. After that we worked Don using the club station W6UW at San Jose, California, for another good chat.

This was another beautiful hot sunny day and not a cloud in the sky. The high flying jets were not leaving a contrail. This is probably the best day yet. The trailer hatches and door were wide open as long as the sun shone. The sun set was another routine sunset for Arizona.

Joan and Karen spent two hours this afternoon in the pool. The swimming pool is not a real swimming pool. It is shallow in both ends and not deep in the middle. Joan could stand up anywhere and she is just over five feet tall. The pool is heated to 88F and the hot tub is heated to 110F. It is a wonder they managed to get out at all. Joan said it was more like a large bath tub.

We sat out in the sun when Joan came home about three PM. It was getting dark when we had supper and did the dumpster run after supper in the dark. Interest has been lost in the jig saw puzzle for the time being. We did not stop for a look and simply checked the mail and came home. A beautiful clear night with the stars and aircraft shining brightly.

And another good day was had by all in the RV park.

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