The 2011 Trip
Part 139 – Laundry – Everything clean and ready for the road.

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

The temperature at 8:30AM was 80.2F that felt like 79F with scattered clouds. There was some alto cumulus and high cirrus. The cloud cover was still the same at 10:55AM when the temperature was 88.1F that felt like 84F.

Joan scrubbed out the trailer this morning and we reorganized the front baggage compartment. I guess one could call it reorganized. We have Joan's sewing machine in there with the rest of the junk. We bagged a few of the lawn chairs and put away the small table.

I coughed so much last night I felt I had the whole park awake. I finally closed both bedroom windows and seemed to feel better after that. I checked with the neighbours around me this morning and they claim they did not hear me. This is some darn annoying. Every winter I have one whether I need it or not. I brought all the left over medication I had at home and hope that will kill it. Joan has not come down with this cold and here is hoping she does not get it.

Joan did laundry all afternoon. She put everything we have with us through the machines. At least when we leave here we will be squeaky clean. The temperature at 1:05PM was 93.0F that felt like 89F under scattered clouds. Alto cumulus and cirrus and nothing that blocked the sun in anyway. The temperature in the trailer was 94F so the indoor round thermometer must be fairly accurate.

We put all the awnings out this morning but had to bring in the large one this afternoon when the wind started to make it jump around some. Most of the neighbours did the same. There is nothing worse than one of those large awnings up and over the top of the trailer, motorhome, or what have you.

At 2:35PM the laundry was home hanging up all over the place to air, finish drying, whatever. The temperature at that time was 96.3F that felt like 92F under scattered clouds. The temperature in the trailer was 98F. The truck was 97F pointing west and dropped to 95F coming south to the trailer. The truck is precise as you can tell.

The day ended when the movie ended again. That was when the temperature was 75.4F that felt like 77F under a clear moonlight sky. The temperature in the trailer was 90F or 32C. Since we hope to be back in Canada before long we had better practice our temperatures in C now and then.

We were talking to Jodie this evening in High River. She said we must be tired of living in the trailer. The truth of the matter is that we are not and could live in it for the rest of the year at least. Time will tell when we move back into another apartment.

The day has ended with everything shiny clean including the bedding, cloths and so on.

Another good day is history.

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