The 2011 Trip
Part 133 – One rotten head cold – No Monday morning meeting

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The temperature at 6AM was 43.6F under a clear sky. The temperature in the trailer was about the same. A nice sunny morning but cool. By 7:05AM the temperature was 50.3F and felt like 50.3F under a partly cloudy sky. We could not see any partly cloudy from the trailer. We still could not see any partly cloudy by 7:40AM when the temperature was 56.4F.

We have had 14023 kilohertz on now and then since I put the antenna back up but have heard nothing. The winter contests must be over.

At 10:06AM the temperature was 67.2F under scattered alto cumulus clouds. The high flying aircraft were leaving very long contrails.

Joan went up to the Monday morning meeting. There were five tables only and no meeting. They had the coffee and doughnuts but she did not bother. The meeting was at 9AM and she was back home by 9:15AM.

I spent a good portion of the morning reading old issues of the Royal Canadian Navy publication The Crowsnest. It is amazing the number of those I served with back in the 1950's that I still remember. The Royal Canadian Navy was terminated in February 1968 and replaced with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Arizona is no different than back home in a lot of ways. My hands were rough and cracked like they do back there in winter. I now have another rotten head cold like I get back there. I dug out a winter undershirt and have it on today and I feel rotten.

The temperature at 11AM was 71.3F that felt like 76F with scattered alto cumulus and cirrus clouds.

I had a one hour snooze after dinner and still felt like death warmed over. The temperature turned 77.5F while watching it at 1:22PM in scattered alto cumulus and cirrus cloud. We left the awnings in. It was not warm enough to bring them out.

At 3:30PM I quit reading The Crowsnest long enough to check the temperature. It was 81.6F that felt like 79F with scattered alto cumulus and cirrus clouds. At 4:06PM it was 82.4F that felt like 82F under scattered alto cumulus and cirrus clouds.

After supper was over and done with Joan and I sat outside for quite awhile. She walked over to the library and picked up two more books having taken three back. When she came back from that she got her bike out and went for a ride around the park. The alto cumulus and cirrus cloud was dissipating when the sun set. It was a nice sunset but not as nice as some we have seen here. The temperature at sunset was 76.6F and the weather station stated mostly cloudy. It was far from mostly and dissipating at the time.

The day ended with the movie at 10:30PM when the temperature was 62.3F with a clear sky. And I do not believe I have ever had a sore throat this bad. If so, it was when they removed my tonsils when I was seven years old. I vaguely remember that.

That was the day and another is history.

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