The 2011 Trip
Part 158 – Jeff & Jodi's

Friday, May 6th, 2011

We were up at 7:30AM to find the sun was having a hard time trying to shine through the cloud cover. It did manage to make a shadow at times. The trailer windows were quite wet. The temperature had been down around the freezing mark during the night. We had the furnace set low but it was on often during the night. The temperature at 8AM was 4C according to the local radio station.

We moved the trailer back a bit on site 11. Last night just as I was falling asleep something thumped as though the right front jack had failed. I got up and went out and around the trailer but could see nothing amiss. This morning I realized that is what had happened. This made the trailer down a bit on the right side. The HF antenna was stuck on a tree limb and simply hooking the truck to the trailer and backing it up a few feet made the most sense. The trailer is as level as we have ever had it and is down as low on the front as we have ever had it. It is good and solid so that is where it should be until we need to move it again.

After all that we got ready and went to the Extra Foods grocery store and then on out to Jeff and Jodi's. We had our laundry and had it over and done with by 1PM local time. I had Robert up to date on all these various parts. In other words we had a great day. Jodi was at work and Jeff was in on course so we had the place to ourselves.

The temperature on the truck was 54F just after lunch at noon. The sun was having a hard time trying to shine through the cloud cover. There were several showers around but we received a few sprinkles of rain only.

Jeff came home early and was home at 4PM. Jodi did not get home until 6PM. Ramona, Dick's daughter brought her home and came in and visited for a minute.

We had a great potatoe scollop ham supper. Joan had it ready for them.


This is the four J's of the Municipal District of Foothills, Alberta. That is Jodi holding Jarvis their cat. That is Jake the dog and our youngest boy Jeff.

When we gathered things up and got ready to come back to the trailer it was raining. It was still raining when we arrived at the trailer shortly after 8PM. It turned into more of a mist right after we arrived back at the trailer and we were able to unload everything. We did not get anything wet. It was now in the trailer and packed away and not in the truck waiting for a dry period to bring it in and pack it.

We simply typed this up and sat around until we called it a day. There were a number of new trailers here in the campground when we arrived back. They had a fire, in the rain, and were smoking and drinking just across from us. They seemed to enjoy watching me in our trailer window type this for awhile. They must lead a very boring life to find that interesting or exciting.

This was our day and it was a “Jim Dandy”. That means it was better than most.

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