The 2011 Trip
Part 137 – No Snail Mail – California Motorhome – Feels Like

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Only two or three of you had our mail address for this park but make sure you contact us if you have mailed anything lately. The mail for here is dumped into a plastic box at the post office in Apache Junction and delivered here daily. We had a few for Grandma and Grandpa but they were able to find the right Grandma and Grandpa from their name on the return address at the Monday morning weekly meeting. There is no way to re-address anything, send it on or send it back. In other words we have to leave money and an address at the office in order for them to re-wrap any mail that comes and mail it on if we are not here. If we do not leave the money and address, anything that comes and we are no longer here is simply shredded. Since Joan and I do not expect anything we are not leaving any money. They have enough of our money already.

If I survive this coughing, barking and hacking and Joan does not get it we plan to leave Tuesday morning, April 19th. We hope to be in Yuma, Arizona, Tuesday evening. After a day or so we want to go to Quartzsite, Arizona. After a day or so there we want to visit the London Bridge at Lake Havasu City, Arizona and then go on into California.

At 6:30AM this morning the temperature was 51.5F with scattered cloud and this had climbed to 69.8F still under scattered cloud at 8:45AM.

Joan took the camera along on her morning walk and collected a few more photographs.


This is another desert cottontail to add to her collection.

pic2 pic3

This is the park swimming pool and hot tub this morning with no one around.

The more people in one area the more stupid the rules. The trailer on the left with the antenna is ours. The motorhome on the right has a story to tell. Note how it is wrapped up and here for the duration. Dick across from us is from California and a good friend of the owner of this motorhome. The guy who owns the motorhome is from California. When he bought this motorhome they searched in vain trying to find the plate with the emission data for California on it. They could not find it so he registered the motorhome in South Dakota. Once registered in South Dakota they located the emission plate way up under the motorhome. He went back to register it in California and was told he could neither register it in California nor was he allowed to bring it into California. So there it sits. Hard to believe, but I have no reason to doubt the story.
Our nephew Derek clued us in on this feel like temperature I have run into. This is his description. “In the summer when the humidity is high, the feel like temperature is higher than the actual because of the humidity.  Well, the opposite is true when the humidity is low.  It all has to do with how quickly the sweat on you can evaporate which helps to cool you down.  When it’s a high humidity, the sweat can’t evaporate as quickly therefore it feels warmer.  In a dry climate like Arizona, the sweat evaporates quickly which cools you off faster making it feel like it’s cooler than it actually is.” It makes sense to me. My weather observing was forty years ago all in the arctic where we had no sweat to evaporate. Thanks Derek.
pic5   pic6   PIC7
PIC8   PIC9   PIC10

This is the time of year the cactus bloom and the reason Joan took the camera this morning. This is around the RV park. We hope the deserts we pass next week have some good blooms.

The temperature at 12:02PM was 82.3F and they had to look hard to find the partly cloudy. It is a beautiful sunny day. Now that we know what it feels like means, it is 80F. By 1:35PM it was 86.2F felt like 83F and partly cloudy. At 3:05PM it was 88.9F felt like 85F and partly cloudy. It was warm and nice. Joan reading outside and me in here coughing, reading and what have you.


These were our name tags that we were suppose to wear around the park. We did when we thought of them. A few felt I was an Idaho potato farmer.

At 6:54PM the temperature was 82.0F that felt like 80F and a partly cloudy sky. This was at sunset and the sunset was a lot like the one yesterday.

The day ended with the evening movie when the temperature was 72.0F that felt like 74F under a clear sky.

Another day is history.

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