The 2011 Trip
Part 3  Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Maryland

I was going to start this part with the statement Joan was smarter than me but one must keep it accurate so we must start it with Joan is smarter than me. Joan brought a winter parka. The best I have is a couple of those insulated shirt jackets one buys at Marks Work Wearhouse. Not nearly warm enough and they do not look very good as well, so we are just going to sit around and enjoy the day off. There is a lot to see here but too darn cold for us to wander around and see it. We did not expect the weather to be this cold this far south this early in the year. We have been here a couple of times so that will have to do. We were here in 1965 two years after President Kennedy was assassinated and visited his grave at that time. I am sure they have at least mowed the grass over it since then.

Our first trip into the United States was in July 1956. That was 54 years ago and we have no way of knowing how many times we have been here since. This was four years BJ (before Joan). Joan and I will have been married 50 years in 2011. Contrary to the Border Patrol Agent at the Border we have not found any reason to want to stay. We have many reasons for wanting to return to Nova Scotia but the only reason for being here can be summed up in one word – heat. Heat, as in warm weather, but so far we have not found it. Our friends already in Arizona tell us it is in the high 70's on the old Fahrenheit scale and to hurry over. Around Boston Joan stated she had not changed most of our time pieces in case we decided to turn back. She also stated she was in favour of cancelling the southeast portion of this excursion and going directly to Arizona. We were in favour but we would have to winterize the trailer and move all our perishables into the truck cab with us. Then we would have to stay in motels and use restaurants because we would hit some very cold weather going directly to Arizona from Boston. Our border crossing has bothered Joan as much as it has me. We still feel this is the best route because we can at least live in the trailer. It is not real comfortable but livable.

If all goes as planned we will probably cross back into Canada at Sweeetgrass, Montana. We have the campground paid for until May 1st and we have until the end of May to leave the United States although we plan to be gone a few weeks before. We must remember to ask the Border Patrol Agent at Sweetgrass if they have a record of when we entered the United States. We find it hard to believe they have such a record but in case they do we want it made known we are leaving.


This Cherry Hill Park is a great place to camp. They are a very friendly bunch and there is a lot here right at the Park. There are at least 36 buses leaving the park during week days. The earliest leaves at 5:24 AM and the last one back is at 10:02 PM. This is the bus stop in the background with a bus that departed shortly after I took this photo.


There are two swimming pools at the Conference Center with TV lounge, Laundry Room, exercise Room, Game Room, Sauna, Hot Tub and two men's and women's baths. There is also the Star Cafe in the same building. This is the Conference Center and note the parka and ear muffs.


There is a dance hall in the Conference Center and this is a photo of the dance hall.

This is a photo of The Starlight Theatre that is just behind the Conference Center.

There appear to be a number of units here more or less seasonal and winterized. If one wanted to spend time in Washington and with one of these units this would definitely be the place to camp. There is a lot of the park closed for the season and it appears a portion only is open all year.

There is absolutely no way one cannot hear a motorized vehicle. My head is full of tinnitus and some hearing loss especially in my right ear. We wear a hearing aid in each ear. We have tried to find a few seconds without the sound of a vehicle and it is impossible. There must be something nearby that brings in a very large helicopter now and then. We have had a couple go over. They sound much bigger and heavier than the old Sea Kings flying over the city of Halifax. The one thing we do not have are the crotch carts because it is too cold for them. Crotch Cart is the best description I can find for those motorcycles with the ear splitting exhausts.


This is the last thing the bugs and insects saw that we have to scrape off the front of the rig when bugs and insects are around. They are smarter than we are and are likely waiting for us farther south.


This is what one looks at while following us.

We plan to leave tomorrow morning December 3rd and proceed farther south on old highway 95. We will add a part four to this as soon as possible.

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